Spring Sale • March 3 – 17

Tanglewood Mall • Upper level near AC Moore

Turning Ordinary Consigning into Extraordinary!™

CLEAN, gently worn items ONLY! No stained, spotted, faded, or damaged items or items with excessive wear will be accepted. All items MUST be smoke and odor free. Stained or damaged items cannot be returned and will automatically be donated. Please check your items carefully before dropping them off.


Please place all clothing on hangers such that the hook forms a question mark (“?”) when looking at the front of the garment. See hanger position below.

Secure items such as pants, skirts, and shorts using safety pins. Safety pins should be attached to the top of the hanger rather than the bottom bar. Adjust placement of safety pins in waist band so that the pins are attached to the middle of the top bar of the hanger. See safety pin location below. Please place safety pins in the seam of all garments, when possible, to prevent making a hole in the garment. For safety reasons, please do not use straight pins, as they pose a hazard to little hands.

Check items to make sure all of the pieces are there. Ziploc bags work great for the smaller pieces.


All items should have a garment description, size and a consignor number on the tag.

Attach tag on the right side of the garment in the seam under the arm (facing item). See tag location above.

Every piece needs a tag (2-piece outfits need a tag on both pieces to keep them linked marked 1 of 2 and 2 of 2, etc.). Rubber band the hangers of multiple piece outfits together.

Tags may be downloaded and printed on standard business card paper or cardstock paper. These can be purchased at office supply stores. Or you can use a 3" x 5" index card cut in half. Please make sure your tags are at least the size of a business card (2" by 3").

Once you have tagged your items, you're ready to price and order your barcodes!

Using a Tagging Gun

Tagging guns are an easy and more economical way to tag your items, BUT CAUTION MUST BE USED! Tagging guns WILL put holes in your garments if not used correctly.  Please, Please, Please be careful when tagging your items with a tagging gun or safety pins – The needle of both should be placed into the SEAM of the garment (under arm on right side for shirts/right side of waist band for bottoms) or when in doubt secure the tag into the garment tag (especially for finer fabrics).

Order Supplies

Fine Tagging Gun with 1000 Barbs


Barbs (1000)


Replacement Needle (1)


Card Stock Tags (500)


250 - #2 Safety Pins (1 ½ in. - high-grade)


250 - #3 Safety Pins (2 in. – high grade)


Adjustable 5” Fasteners (100)


(Great for shoes, purses and other hard to tag items)

50 sheets – White Card Stock


Click here to place an order by email or order by phone at (540)798-7747.


Not comfortable pricing? There is NO CONSIGNOR fee and you receive 50% of your sales! Just ask for our Partial Service Option.

If you want to price your own items, but need a little help, download our convenient pricing guide.

For items you do not want reduced in price, select "No" for Allow Discount, when ordering barcode. They will remain at full price even during our half price days.


You MUST register, at backontherackroanoke.com, prior to ordering barcodes!  All items are REQUIRED to have a barcode and need to be tagged with a brief description. Exceptions: Books, CD’s, DVD’s and other non-clothing items are only required to have a barcode.

Preparation is Key!
  • It is VERY important to prepare your items BEFORE you order your barcodes. 
  • Hang and tag your items with a brief description and price. 
  • Sort your items, into piles, by price.  This will make the process of ordering your barcodes so much easier!
  • Once all of your items have been sorted into piles, use the barcoding worksheet to determine the price and quantity of each barcode needed. (Remember to list separately any items you DO NOT want to discount.)
  • When you have completed the worksheet, you’re ready to order your barcodes.
  • Your barcodes MUST be printed on labels that are 1” x 2 5/8”.  You may use any generic labels, i.e. Staples/Office Maxx, Wal-Mart, etc., as long as it is compatible with “Avery Template - 5160”.  If you do not use a label that is compatible with “Avery Template - 5160”, your barcodes may not print correctly and will be unusable. 
  • IMPORTANT: The entire barcode MUST be visible on each label.
  • Check local sale ads...as they frequently run great deals on labels, index cards, tape, Sharpies and other supplies needed for preparing your items.
To Order Your Barcodes:
  • Go to our website and click “Order Barcodes” under the Consignor Page.
  • Once you’ve entered your log-in info, you’re ready to start entering your barcode order.  Use the barcoding worksheet to input the total number of barcodes needed at each price point.
    • Example - 4 at $4.50, 10 at $5.50, 3 at $6.50, etc.  
  • “Allow Discount” feature - determines whether or not your items will be reduced for the 50% sale.
    • Select “YES” - if you want your item(s) to go ½ price (Will be reduced during half price sale). This is the pre-set option and does not need to be changed unless you have items you do not want to reduce.
    • Select “NO” - if you have item(s) you do not want to discount (Item(s) will remain full price during half price sale). Your barcode will have “No Disc” printed next to the price.
  • After you have entered all of the barcodes needed, click on “Submit Order”. Keep in mind there are 30 labels per sheet.  We recommend ordering in increments of 30, if possible, so you don’t waste labels.
  • Make a note of the batch number in case it needs to be referenced later.
  • You are now ready to print your barcodes!

Accepted Items

All clothing should be less than 5 years old, in excellent condition, free of stains, and laundered.

CLEAN, gently worn items ONLY! No stained, spotted, faded or piling items or items with excessive wear will be accepted. All items MUST be smoke and odor free. Stained or damaged items cannot be returned and will automatically be donated. Please check your items carefully before dropping them off.

Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
  • Upscale/boutique items
    • Spring/Summer Sale – Items for Spring, Summer, St. Patrick’s, Easter, 4th of July and year-around clothing and shoes. Light-weight sweaters, jackets and long sleeved shirts accepted.
    • Fall/Winter Sale – Items for Fall, Winter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s and year-round clothing and shoes. Halloween Costumes, Christmas items, winter coats, clothing, boots and ski wear accepted for Fall/Winter sale ONLY
    • All shoes must be “like new” and tied together by zip ties, string, ribbon or laces.  Please  write the size on the barcode and place inside the shoe.  Take a moment to wipe off shoes, wash laces and  polish minor scuffs – it makes a BIG difference!  Magic Erasers and Clorox wipes work great for cleaning toes/soles of tennis shoes.
  • Newborn through teen
  • Maternity Clothing
Toys/Games/Puzzles & Equipment
  • Clean ALL Baby Equipment & Toys – the cleaner they are, the newer they look, the better they sell! Clorox Wipes and Magic Erasers work great.
  • Printing instructions and pricing info will help items sell - especially higher priced items.
  • Battery Operated Items MUST have working batteries - There will be a $5 battery replacement fee for any items with non-working batteries.
  • Multi-piece sets like Lego’s, Rescue Heros, Thomas the Train, Star Wars, Barbie, Little Pet Shoppe, etc., need to be packaged in large Ziploc bags and sealed tightly with packing tape.  Remember these items are very appealing to little ones!
  • Make sure all puzzle and game pieces are included in their boxes.  No one wants to buy a game or puzzle that is non-playable!  Please tape boxes closed.  Wooden/Cardboard
Children’s Books

DVDs, CDs & Video Games

Baby Equipment
  • high chairs
  • strollers
  • exer-saucers
  • swings
  • monitors
  • bathtubs, etc.
  • crib sets
  • toddler sets
  • exceptional home sets
  • cribs (must be assembled at drop-off)
  • rocking chairs
  • gliders
  • tables, etc.
Indoor & Outdoor Play Equipment

Home Décor (Upscale interior design items in excellent condition)
  • furniture,
  • decorative pillows,
  • lamps,
  • rugs,
  • framed pictures,
  • candle holders,
  • accessories, etc.
Upscale/Designer Handbags & Accessories, Shoes, and Boots

Items we cannot accept
  • any recalled cribs or toys (www.cpsc.gov)
  • kitchen appliances
  • stuffed animals
  • cups, mugs, glasses, silverware, dishes, bowls, pots and pans – unless NEW in UNOPENED packaging.
  • women’s and men’s clothing
  • adult jewelry
  • adult books
  • crocheted or other homemade items

If you have questions about an item being accepted, please contact us.

Missing a part?

Contact the manufacturer for replacement part. 

Drop Off &
Pick Up Info

Choose your drop-off time, online, when it's convenient for you! It will lessen wait times and give us a chance to personalize our service to you! A drop-off time must be scheduled online or by contacting us at info@backontherackroanoke.com for an available slot.

Drop-offs without an appointment are discouraged, as there will be a wait to be worked in. ALL drop-offs are at the back of the mall, midway between TJ Maxx and Penney’s….just look for our drop-off sign.

Drop Off Dates by Appointment Only

Full & Partial Service Reminders

  • PLEASE mark ALL loose items, tubs, boxes and/or bags with your consignor number. BOTR is not responsible for any unmarked items or tubs.
  • PLEASE fold or rubber band all sets together.

Full Service Drop-Offs

  • All slots full.

Partial Service Drop-Offs

  • All slots full.

Regular Service Drop-Offs

  • Jan. 31 • 10am – 6pm
  • Feb. 1 • 10am – 6pm
  • Feb. 2 • 10am – 6pm
  • Feb. 3 • 11am – 6pm
  • Feb. 4 • 12pm – 5pm
  • Feb. 5 • 10am – 6pm
Pick Up Dates by Appointment Only
  • Friday, March 23rd • 10am – 7pm

Please mark your calendars...if you're unable to pick up your items, it is your responsibility to make arrangements for someone to pick up any unsold items. Otherwise, they will be donated as we do not have the capability to store or hold any items.

Recall Info

Please check to be sure your items have not been recalled.


Why do we need to print barcodes?
Increases speed and accuracy for consignors and shoppers!

Unable to print your barcodes?
We’ll be happy to print them for a small printing fee:

  • Consignor provides labels - $5.00
  • BOTR provides labels - $10.00 (up to 15 sheets; $.50/per additional sheet)

How do I determine what barcodes I need?
Begin by tagging your items. Once your items are tagged, sort them by price (Remember to list separately any items you do not want to discount). Once sorted, use the barcoding worksheet to help determine the quantity and price of each barcode needed. 

How do I order my barcodes?
Register as a returning or new consignor. Click on “Order Barcodes” link. Use the barcoding worksheet to input the total number of barcodes needed at each price point

How do I discount my item(s) to sell at half price during the half price sale?
When ordering click YES under “Allow Discount”. Item(s) WILL be discounted to ½ price during half price sale.

What if I don't want my item(s) to be discounted during the half price sale?
When ordering click “NO” under “Allow Discount”. Item(s) WILL NOT be discounted and WILL remain FULL PRICE during entire sale. Your barcode will have "No Disc" printed next to the price.

Do I need to enter all my barcodes at one time?
No, you may enter as many barcode orders as you like, anytime!  There are 30 labels per page, so you may want to order your barcodes, in increments of 30, to keep from wasting labels.  Make a note of your batch numbers in case you want to print at a later time.

Can I print/reprint a batch number?
Yes, log in to the “Consignor Home Page” to view and print a barcode order.   

What if I want to change the price or discount option on my tag?
A new tag MUST be made!  DO NOT cross through the preprinted price on the barcode.  Items will be sold at the price scanned from the barcode, NOT what is handwritten on the tag.  ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD PER THE BARCODE PRICE.

What if I have barcodes left over? 
Save any unused barcodes for future BOTR sales. The barcodes do not expire!

What if the labels do not line up when I print the barcodes?
When you click print, a box will appear.  Make sure "page scaling" is set to "NONE".  This should correct the problem.

Helpful Tips for Preparing Your Items

Tip #1

Look over your items and ask, “Would I purchase this item for my child?”, if the answer is no, then please do not bring it.

Tip #2

Price your items as if you were the buyer and not the seller. Ask yourself, "How much would I pay for this?"

Tip #3

Package similar items together for quicker sale. For example, match a top with a bottom, similar theme/age books, pairs of socks, onesies, blankets or smaller toys, etc.

Tip #4

Price those items you prefer not to take home lower to ensure they sell.

We want you to make the most for your items, at full price, with as few half-price/unsold items, as possible.

You are certainly welcome to price your items, at your discretion, but here are a few things to keep in mind when pricing:


Look over your items carefully; they MUST be free of stains, rips, odors, missing buttons, etc., and no more than 5 years old or they WILL NOT be accepted.  Your items will also sell better if you take the time to button all buttons, zip zippers and iron if wrinkled, etc.


Clothing is best priced at 1/4 to 1/3 of the retail price.  You must keep in mind the brand and condition of your items and price accordingly.

When pricing, consider the amount you’d be willing to take for the item. You will maximize your sales if your full price items are reasonable and fairly priced.  On average, 70% of shoppers, shop during regular sale times.

You always have the option of not discounting your items. DO NOT price your items based on selling them 1/2 price! Doubling your 1/2 price amount overprices the items and they WILL NOT sell at full price. You’ll make more money pricing your items reasonably (sticking to the 1/4 (gently used) to 1/3 (excellent condition “rule of thumb”).  If you do not want the item to be marked down to 50%, then do not select the discounted option for that item.  Example: Don’t price an item for $3, knowing it is “over-priced”, and hoping to sell it for $1.50 on half price day.

If shoppers are getting great deals on quality items, they’ll tell their friends, family, neighbors and co-workers which benefits everyone!! They are our BEST advertising!!!  Keep in mind that the success of Back on the Rack and YOUR sales depend on great quality merchandise and great unbeatable prices!!!

Clothing that is priced at $1.00 does well if paired with a similar item.  For example, instead of pricing single items (ex. Onesies) at $1.00 each, combine 3 in a Ziploc and sell for $3.00 - $4.00.


Examine your items for stains, holes, missing buttons or pieces and sort them into piles to sell or donate. Clorox Wipes and Magic Erasers work GREAT to clean toys, baby equipment, toes/soles of shoes and so much more!  The better prepared your items are...buttons buttoned, zippers zipped, snaps snapped, etc.,...the better they’ll sell! Bring it the way you’d want to buy it - If you wouldn’t buy it, then don’t bring it!

Stain Removers that REALLY work!

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